XT V2/V3 Cylinder and Piston Head Aluminium (Wide Pad)

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Our own cylinder head and piston head combination.  Both parts are CNC machined from aluminium 6061.  These parts will fit a V2 or V3 gearbox. 

Cylinder Head
- CNC machined from 6061 aluminium
- Wider pad that eliminates the 'deadspace' that some cylinder heads can have.  The pad diameter is 23.7mm.  This can help boost efficiency.
- The wide pad has a wider airflow opening, allowing the compressed air to flow with less resistence.
- Tapered shaft. This can reduce oring wear when fitting nozzles.
- Viton / oil resistent orings
- Designed to fit the most common size of cylinder with an inner diameter of 23.6mm - 23.8mm.  The shaft diameter is 5.3mm.  

Piston Head
- CNC machined from 6061 aluminium
- 6 vents
- 16mm cross-head screw to allow for AOE correction
- Thrust bearing
- Viton / oil resistent oring

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