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2mm Bullet Connectors with Heat Shrink (5 Pairs)
Gold plated 2mm bullet plug connectors, pack of 10 (5 male and 5 female).  Includes red and bla..
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AlphaWire Gearbox 16AWG 2 Metres Red & Black Wire
Economy EcoWire 16AWG.  Great for higher stress builds with higer powered batteries and mo..
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Deans Style T-Plug Connectors (5 Pairs)
Set of 5 pairs of Deans style T-plugs.  These ones come with molded grip lines on the sides gri..
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Female Spade Motor Tab Connector (Set of 5)
Set of 5 replacement 2.8mm female motor space connectors.  Silver. ..
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Gearbox Black Signal Wire 24AWG (1 Metre)
24AWG teflon coated silver stranded wire.  Generally used for as mosfet signal wire. OD: 1.2mm..