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E&C M4 Body Cover Pins
Small steel pins used to cover anti-rotation holes in M4 lower receivers. Diameter: 3.6mm ..
E&C M4 Bolt Catch Plate
Replacement bolt catch / hop up plate cover. ..
E&C M4 Ejection Port Cover
Replacement M4 ejection port / dust cover.  Designed to work with bolt covers. ..
E&C M4 Fire Selector Switch
Replacement standard M4 metal fire selector switch ..
E&C M4 Magazine Catch
Standard M4 magzine catch.  Top screw design.  Should fit most lower receivers. ..
E&C M4 Receiver Pin Set
M4 receiver pin set.  Includes front and back pin.  Each pin is a hex lock nut.  Come..
E&C M4 Receiver Set 416 Style (BK)
Fully metal 416 style receiver.  These type of receivers use specific handguards. Included: - ..
E&C M4 Receiver Set Colt Style Engraved (BK)
The most popular E&C receiver set.  Fully metal with COLT style engraved markings on one si..
E&C M4 Receiver Set QDV2 (BK)
E&C quick change M4 receiver set.  This doesn't come with the special screw-in spring guide..
E&C M4 Receiver Set Vltor Style (BK)
Fully metal MUR / Vltor style receiver. Included: - Upper and lower metal receiver - Bolt catch - M..
E&C M4 Sling Mount Adaptor
Metal sling adaptor, ideal for attaching a 1-point sling. ..
E&C M4 Trigger
Standard M4 metal trigger.  Comes with spring. ..
XT M4 Receiver Pin Set
Front and back hex-screw receiver body pins for M4 AEG's.  Generally the sizes differ very slig..