ZCI Rotary M4 Hop-Up Chamber Aluminium (RED)

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High quality made from CNC machined aluminium, comes with all the fittings.  Out of all the Chinese made Prowin / Rotary style chamber this one easily has the best fitment, although please make sure rotary style hop chambers are fully compatible with your AEG. 

Not every AEG is compatible.  Changing a hop chamber can introduce issues with nozzle alignment. Colour: Red

PLEASE NOTE: Not every hop chamber works for every AEG, due to these being made from aluminium they can scratch when fitted.  I can only accept returns on hop chambers that are still "as new".  Please be sure to do you your own research before purchasing.  If in doubt stick to using the original hop chamber.  I cannot refund a damaged hop chamber that simply doesn't work in your brand of AEG.

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