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XT High Torque Motor 28TPA (Long With Fan)

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Brand: XT
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New 28TPA motor with a vented case that uses a small internal plastic fan just below the commutator that reduces overall heat by around 10% and offers a 30% faster cool-down time. 

All parts of the motor, except the armature, are identical to the SHS High Torque motor.  What I like about this design is how easy the motors are to disassemble, making them easier to clean.  Uses a SHS D-type pinion.  

Mosfet Active Break functionality can reduce the life of a motor, this is especially true of the adaptive break function of Gate Titan's.   Please keep this in mind when planning a build.

- D type SHS pinion
- No load RPM with 11.1v: 19,000
- Neodymium magnets
- End bell bearing
- Motor shaft bearing
- Aluminium shaft
- Screw attached plastic end bell (easier to dissemble)

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