SHS High Torque Motor 16TPA (Long)

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Brand: SHS
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Strong magnets and decent shimmed.  Comes with standard steel D-type pinion gears which are epoxied onto the shafts.  2 retaining hex screws hold in the nylon end-bell, it's a decent design that allows easy removal.

**** PRODUCT ADVISORY: Over the years I've had reports of Gate Titan's causing motor slow down / damage when Adaptive Breaking is used.  It's happened on ZCI, SHS and Rocket motors in the past.  Only ever seems to be with Gate but I suspect any amount of heavy AB use with have the same affect.  My advice would be to only ever use AB as a last resort.  Try to fix your overspin issue mechically, i.e. short stroke, 7.4v battery etc.  Use at your own risk.

- D type Pinion
- No load RPM with 8.4v: 29,000
- No load RPM with 11.1v: 39,000
- No load current with 8.4v: 4.8A
- Neodymium N38 magnets
- End bell bearing
- Motor shaft bearing
- Screw attached plastic end bell (easier to dissemble)
- Long shaft version

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