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J-Caged 8mm Bearings 3x8x3 (Pack of 6)

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Chinese made J-caged bearings.  Most bearings are 2.5mm in height, these are 3mm.  J-cage bearings generally offer the strongest performance for high speed applications.  Inside the bearing is a 2-piece steel ribbon, the cover side and the finger side.  Inside the ribbon are the ball bearings, 6 of them.   Unlike the open EZO version these bearings have covers on both sides, protecting the bearing from dirt and debris. Each bearing also contains a small amount of grease.

I tested these on an E&C gearbox.  Fitment was perfect.  Even the spur gear on the selector plate fitted without any modification.  On other gearboxes you may need to cut away or sand parts of the selector plate.  I conducted 2 build tests; M140 full stroke and DSG.  Both builds had 2000 BB's through each, bearings held up without any problems.

I recommend you fix these in place with epoxy.

1. After 30,000 cycles with springs ranging from M100 to M140 the bearings are still in perfect working order.
2. March 2021, still going strong with around 60,000 cycles.

Material:  Stainless Steel
Inside Diameter:  3.00mm
Outside Diameter:  8.00mm
Width:  3.00mm
Flange O.D.:  9.5mm
Flange Width:  0.7mm

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