ZCI M90 AEG Spring

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A decent low cost linear steel spring from ZCI. These come in a plain plastic bag.

Power Rating
M90 = 295 - 315 FPS with 0.2g

Please Note
When a new batch of springs arrive I generally test one of each power, however occasionally springs may get put into the wrong packaging at the factory. In cases where FPS is wildly different to that advertised we offer a free returns service so that the spring can be tested and an adequate replacement be sent out. When fitting and testing springs yourself please remember to test using the correct cylinder and inner barrel length combination.

Wire gauge: 1.19mm
Length: 183mm

Spring Testing
When a new batch of springs arrive I generally test one of each power. Below is the setup I used for this particular spring

Good cylinder, cylinder head, piston head and nozzle compression
4/5 Cylinder
Hop set off
Bearing on Spring Guide
No Bearing on Piston Head
No AOE correction
340mm ZCI inner barrel
ZCI plastic rotary hop chamber
ZCI 60 degree hop

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