Guarder SP90 AEG Spring

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Made from high quality oil quenched / tempered steel wire, these springs are generally considered to be one of the most consistent on the market. 

Please note: AEG power is dependent on many factors, these have been tested with the following setup:

sp90, sp100 & sp110 Test Setup
300mm inner barrel
Lonex hop chamber (set to off)
ZCI 60 Bucking and Nub
3/4 Cylinder
No AOE correction
0.2g BB

sp90 = 95 MPS / 311 FPS
sp100 = 110 MPS / 360 FPS
sp110 = 115 MPS / 387 FPS
sp120 = tbc
sp130 = tbc
sp140 = tbc
sp150 = tbc

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