HT-X3006 Chronograph

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Latest design low budget Chinese chrono. This version I asked the designer to make a larger shooting tube for the Airsoft market, from 17mm to 24mm.

- Meters / feet / joules measurement
- ROF count
- 120 shot memory
- Built-in rechargeable battery
- Custom weight and size

As with all chrono's ensure you keep the AEG barrel in line with the centre of the tube.  If in doubt use the stabalizing bracket.

Firerate:  0-3600 shots/minute
Velocity:  2-1500m/s(10-5000 fps)
Energy:  0-999 J
Range:  0-999 m
Accuracy: error≤0.5%
Weight input range: 0.01g-99.99g
Caliber input range: 0.01mm-99.99mm
Main dimensions:  51*73*39mm
Protection tube diameter: 24mm
Working environment temperature:-10℃~+50℃

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