HT-X3006 Chronograph

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Latest design low budget Chinese chrono. This version I asked the designer to make a larger shooting tube for the Airsoft market, from 17mm to 24mm.

1. These are only suitable for BB guns, please do not purchase if planning on using pellets rifles.
2. Manual refers to WIFI function that is on another version of the product.

- Meters / feet / joules measurement
- ROF count
- 120 shot memory
- Built-in rechargeable battery
- Custom weight and size

As with all chrono's ensure you keep the AEG barrel in line with the centre of the tube.  If in doubt use the stabalizing bracket.

Firerate:  0-3600 shots/minute
Velocity:  2-1500m/s(10-5000 fps)
Energy:  0-999 J
Range:  0-999 m
Accuracy: error≤0.5%
Weight input range: 0.01g-99.99g
Caliber input range: 0.01mm-99.99mm
Main dimensions:  51*73*39mm
Protection tube diameter: 24mm
Working environment temperature:-10℃~+50℃

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