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10 Tooth Bevel Gear
10 tooth bevel gear.  Pretty much identical to current ZCI and Rocket bevels, although bevel de..
2mm Bullet Connectors with Heat Shrink (10 Pack)
Gold plated 2mm bullet plug connectors, pack of 10 (5 male and 5 female).  Includes red and bla..
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AOE Piston Head Spacers (Nylon)
Pack of 5 (20mm x 1mm) nylon AOE spacers / washers.  Not always needed but handy to have if you..
Deans Style T-Plug Connectors (5 Pairs)
Set of 5 pairs of Deans style T-plugs.  These ones come with molded grip lines on the sides gri..
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Female Spade Motor Tab Connector (Set of 5)
Set of 5 replacement 2.8mm female motor space connectors. ..
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Gearbox 16AWG 2 Metres Transparent Wire
High quality16AWG teflon wire silver plated wire.  Great for higher stress builds with higer po..
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Gearbox 18AWG 2 Metres Transparent Wire
High quality transparent teflon wire silver plated wire.  Has a nice degree of flex.  18AW..
Gearbox Black Signal Wire 24AWG (1 Metre)
24AWG teflon coated silver stranded wire.  Generally used for as mosfet signal wire. OD: 1.2..
Gearbox Silver Wire 17AWG (2 Metres)
High quality17AWG teflon wire silver plated wire.  Excellent "middle ground" for gearboxes with..
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Hop-Up Chamber Tension Spring (Large)
Hop chamber spring used to create tension against the hop chamber when slid down the inner barr..
Inner Barrel Cleaning Kit
Aluminium rod cleaning kit for 6mm inner barrels.  Total length of rods is 550mm.  One of ..
Inner Barrel Cleaning Mop
Spare single cleaning mop for the inner barrel cleaning kit.   ..
Inner Barrel Spare Cleaning Rod
Spare single cleaning rod for the inner barrel cleaning kit.  10cm (3.9")   ..
J-Caged 8mm Bearings 3x8x3 (Pack of 6)
Chinese made J-caged bearings.  Most bearings are 2.5mm in height, these are 3mm.  J-cage ..
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Stock Tube Lock Ring
Aluminium stock tube lock ring.  Please note: Will only fit on stock tubes that have no rais..