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Maple Leaf Macarons and Autobot have arrived

Due to the extended Chinese NY and the Corona Virus, workers are still not back in mainland China. This could take a while to resolve.  Taiwan seems unaffected.

Omega 70 shore nubs are back in stock

PTS EPG Grips restock
Army Force 5" Outer Barrel
5KU 7" Outer Barrel
5KU 5" PDW Outer Barrel extension
2mm Bullet Connectors + Heat Shrink

SLD restock - Piston heads, hop buckings, gears and cylinders.  New products.  Cylinders and DSG complete gearsets.
ZCI restock - 138mm, 285mm, 433mm, Gears

Tuesday 31st December - Open (4pm for last orders)
Wednesday 1st January - Closed
Business as usual from Jan 2nd

We're currently closed till the 27th December.
The website will open again on the 24th December for orders but these will not be processed till 27th or 28th.
If you need to us contact us please use the contact form, email info@ak2m4.co.uk or head over to Facebook.

Small restock of Rocket 13:1 gears, charing handle springs, mushroon cylinder heads and M4 Double O-ring nozzles.  M100 and M110 springs, 16TPA HT long motors arriving Monday.

ZCI order has arrived; 22TPA Long High Torque motors, Shims, M4 Nozzles, CW to CCW adapters, M90 & M100 springs, 200mm inner barrels etc

E&C order has arrived; gearbox shells, complete gearboxes, stock tubes and cylinders.  New video of gearbox will follow soon.

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