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Guarder springs should be in stock Monday / Tuesday
ZCI aluminium hop chambers back in stock end of next week
ZCI inner barrels should restock 3 weeks

ZCI High Torque Long motors back in stock. Guarder springs (10 days), Maple Leaf Buckings and Nubs (Friday)

SHS / Rocket restocked, Maple Leaf to follow shortly

SHS / Rocket and Maple Leaf restock due Tuesday 11th Sept

ZCI 363mm, 247mm and 407mm in stock
Promethues Purple Bucking in stock
E&C Complete QD V2 Gearboxes in stock (limited qty)
E&C QD V2 Gearboxe Shell in stock (limited qty)

Upcoming deliveries - times likely to change
ZCI 363mm and 407mm - 14/08
Promethues Purple Bucking - 15/08

ZCI parts restocked, including; HIgh Torque Motors, 9T Bevels, 1 tooth pistons, Aluminium Cylinders, Stainless Steel Cylinder, Springs, Shims, Gearbox Screw Sets, Spring Sets, Inner barrels and motor grips.  A second ZCI order should arrive end of the week.

Rocket parts restocked including DSG, 12:1, 13:1, Piston Head Double O, Silent & Bore Plastic Piston Head, M4 Nozzle, MP5K Nozzle, HIgh Torque Motors.  New M170 and M190 Springs

ZCI barrels. motors and other parts restock due end of July1st.  Rocket restock same time.

Rocket parts restocked.  DSG, 13:1, 18:1, SR25 gears, Cylinders, Shims, Pistons etc.

Service returning to normal, all orders made in past week will be sent out Monday 25th June.

I will be away till 22nd June.  I cannot process any orders till then.  I am contactable to awnser questions and you can make orders during that time, they just won't be able to be sent out till Monday 25th June.

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