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More Guarder springs are on their way, should be here Friday but could be delayed.

New and restock ZCI products GBB Inner Barrels 106mm, 112.4mm & 240mm.  M4 Metal Hop Chambers, V2 Selector Plates, QD Spring Guides, 8mm Bearings, M130, M140 and M160 AEG springs.

New E&C products added to the website, still adding on the images.

ZCI restock including 22TPA motors, 8 Vent Pistons, 9 Tooth Bevels, 200mm, 280mm, 494mm.  

ZCI 22TPA motors due to arrive Friday.  E&C internal parts arrived, some have been restock, some new parts to be still added to the website

Viton piston head o-rings, DSG V2 and V3 spring guide added

ZCI 22TPA motors delayed, hopefully next week.

Coming next week - ZCI 22TPA, assorted inner barrels, ZCI compression sets, Element springs including M105 and Outer Barrel sets

Small batch of clone Omega nubs in stock for use with Maple Leaf Macarons.  Check them out, just £2 instead of the usual £5.50

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