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ZCI order has arrived; 22TPA Long High Torque motors, Shims, M4 Nozzles, CW to CCW adapters, M90 & M100 springs, 200mm inner barrels etc

E&C order has arrived; gearbox shells, complete gearboxes, stock tubes and cylinders.  New video of gearbox will follow soon.

Christmas holiday dates. 
We're closing shop Monday 16th to Friday 27th December. If you need parts be sure to order within the next 2 weeks.

E&C complete gearboxes and gearbox shells should arrive Wednesday 4th December.
ZCI restock scheduled to arrive Wednesday 4th December.

Brand new NeoD motors in stock, introductory price £25 with optional CNC pinion gear, 14TPA, 16TPA, 22TPA and 28TPA

M4 Rocket motors back in stock

ZCI and Rocket motors have been held up in Hong Kong, hopefully arriving next week.
New cheaper range of NeoD motors on order, 14TPA, 16TPA, 22TPA and 28TPA.

SLD CNC Bevel Gears
SLD POM Piston Heads
SLD Reinforced lightweight piston
ZCI Rotary CNC Hop
ZCI 97mm 6.02 Inner Barrel (GBB)
ZCI 260, 270, 300, 407, 509, 550mm 6.02 Inner Barrel (AEG)

FLT 8mm Bushings back in stock

Army Force barrel parts now in stock, along with ZCI shims, CYMA pistons and SHS Shims.

SHS / Rocket retock expected 10/10, 
ZCI etock expected 18/10
Army Force retock expected 07/10

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