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Micro SMD Mosfet

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Chinese-made basic micro mosfet.  I tested one of these for 2 months and I'm pretty satisfied with the reliability and general quality.  Tested in (4000 cycles, 5 sec burst and semi - M140, full stroke, full auto, 1500 Mah 11.1v 25C) and  (2000 cycles, 5 sec burst - >M140, DSG 1500 Mah 11.1v 25C).

** Please note: These mosfets aren't perfect, some of the wiring lengths are a little long to accomodate different AEG's.  The spade connectors for the extension will create extra resistence and are mostly unshielded, however on most installs you can cut and resolder.  There's no fuse, whilst not needed, I do recommend fitting a 30A blade fuse.  I'm working with the Chinese manufacturer to introduce improvements so these are a work in progress at the moment.

I personally test every mosfet before sending out.  No refunds or replacements can be sent if failure is caused by poor installation.  Please test the wiring outside of the gearbox, i.e. just the battery, trigger block/switch and motor, this will help eliminate any issues.

It can be wired in 2 different ways: 

1. The 2 thinner red wires soldered directly onto the trigger switch with no other wires.
2. A single red wire soldered onto one of the existing trigger switch wires.

Technical data
- Dimensions: 9.5mm × 17.5mm × 4.2 mm
- Non AB
- Wire: 16AWG
- Power connector: Deans style
- Current: 120A Constant; 180A Max
- Battery voltage range: 7.4v, 11.1v

Please note: All Mosfets are quality checked at the factory and I also check with one before they are sent out.  When fitting here are some important considerations:

- Double-check your wiring.
- When first testing use a 7.4v
- Test outside of the gearbox first
- Test with low powered spring
- Ensure gearbox is free from any lockups
- If gearbox locks up stop firing and inspect

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