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XT Swiss-Cheese 14 Tooth Piston (JB Weld)

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Weight reduced piston that's had it's 14 tooth steel rack epoxied to the body using JB Weld.  This creates a very strong piston.  The piston rack has the tooth after the pickup tooth removed allowing you to adjust the AOE.  I've found on most builds you can adjust the AOE by simply fitting 2 or 3 1mm plastic shims behind the piston head  (see our AOE Shim Pack).  

The body of this piston is made from a very strong Dupont polymer material, whilst the rack is made from steel using a metal injection molding process (MIM), very tough and durable.  I tested this piston on a 30rps M110 build for 5000 shots and couldn't see any damage to the piston or rack.

Teeth Width: 5.8m
Weight = 14g
Length = 67.2mm
Width (rail to rail) = 21.9mm

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