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XT High Torque Motor 22TPA (Long)

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New 22TPA motor with a vented case. Please note this version does not come with the FAN.

All parts of the motor, except the armature, are identical to the SHS High Torque motor.  What I like about this design is how easy the motors are to disassemble, making them easier to clean.  Uses a SHS D-type pinion.  22TPA motors generally use less energy making your battery last longer.  They don't run as fast as 16TPA or 14TPA motors but they produce less heat.  Ideally paired with a set of 12:1 or 13:1 gears for a standard build or with 18:1 for a DMR build.

Mosfet Active Break functionality can reduce the life of a motor, this is especially true of the adaptive break function of Gate Titan's.   Please keep this in mind when planning a build.

- D type SHS pinion
- No load RPM with 11.1v: 25,000
- Load current with 11.1v / M110 / 12:1 Gears: 12A
- Neodymium magnets
- End bell bearing
- Motor shaft bearing
- Aluminium shaft
- Screw attached plastic end bell (easier to dissemble)

Video shows the FAN version, this version DOES NOT comes with the top plastic FAN.

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