SHS (RA) Swiss-Cheese 14.5 Tooth Piston

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PLEASE NOTE:  On the current batch the drilled holes aren't as well finished.  On some gearboxes you may need to lightly sand down the piston runners.  Very quick and easy job to do.
Limited supply.

Strong and lightweight piston.  The body is made from a high density nylon (plastic) fiber whilst the rack is made from steel using Metal Injection Molding process (MIM), very tough and durable. 

The rack being glued to the body changes with each batch, if it isn't glued I recommend gluing.  

The 2nd tooth has been shaved down to 1mm in height, normal teeth height are 2mm, this can help correct AOE on some gearboxes, but others may require more material to be removed.

These types of pistons are often called a High Speed piston as large sections of plastic have been drilled from each side to lighten the weight, hense the use of "swiss-cheese".

Weight = 14g
Length = 67.2mm
Width (rail to rail) = 21.9mm

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