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Omega Nub Hard 85 (Gear Parts)

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Brand: Maple Leaf
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Molded from polyurethane this version is a much cheaper copy of the official Maple Leaf Omega Nub due to the fact it's made in the UK.  Primary used in conjunction with Maple Leaf buckings. 

Comes in 2 different types of hardness; 70 shore (Red) and 85 shore (Black).  The original is very hard, roughly 90 shore, this can make fine tuning difficult with some hop systems.

Red is recommended for 50, 60 bucking hardness
Black is recommended for 70, 75 and 80 bucking hardness

This is only a rough recommendation since every hop chamber applied a different level of pressure.

BB weight and hop chamber also plays a part in deciding which hardness works best.  Sometimes only way to tell is to experiment.

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