GP 28TPA Motor (Long)

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Pinion Gear Upgrade:

Made in conjunction with a leading Chinese motor manufacturer, these motors have been designed to provide excellent value and performance.  High TPA motors are generally used for semi-only / DMR setups.

For this first batch these motors are at the reduced price.  Whilst these motors have been bench-tested by myself and other techs they are currently being tested in the wider community.  I will continue to post results.  
All feedback welcome, please report any issues via the contact form or through Facebook.

Neodymium Magnets 42H, higher temperate rating upto 120℃ (standard is generally N42 - 80℃)
Aluminium tower with bearing
Total motor length: 88mm
D-Type MIM Steel Pinion Gear
Plastic end bell / cover
Brush size: 8.7mm(L), 3.4mm (W), 4.1mm (H)
​Size: 88.4mm(L), 29.5mm(W), 25mm(H)

No load RPM with 8.4v: 14,500
No load RPM with 11.1v: (TBA)
No load Current with 8.4v: 2A
Loaded Torque with 8.4v: 2.7kg·cm
Wire gauge: 0.6mm

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