GP 16TPA Motor (Long)

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Pinion Gear Upgrade:

Made in conjunction with a leading Chinese motor manufacturer, these motors have been designed to provide excellent value and performance.  High TPA motors are generally used for semi-only / DMR setups.  The 16TPA motor is often considered a "balanced" motor, inbetween high speed and high torque.  It's the most common motor and offers an excellent compromise between torque and speed.

For this first batch these motors are at the reduced price of £25.  Whilst these motors have been bench tested by myself and other techs but haven't been tested in the wider community.  These motors are rated for 8.4v, any higher voltage can degrade the motor more quickly.  I recommend you use 7.4v.

All feedback welcome, please report any issues via the contact form or through Facebook.

Neodymium Magnets 42H, higher temperate rating upto 120℃ (standard is generally N42 - 80℃)
Aluminium tower with bearing
Total motor length: 88mm
D-Type MIM Steel Pinion Gear
Plastic end bell / cover
Brush size: 8.7mm(L), 3.4mm (W), 4.1mm (H)
​Size: 88.4mm(L), 29.5mm(W), 25mm(H)

No load RPM with 8.4v: 25,000
No load RPM with 11.1v: 30,000
No load Current with 8.4v: (TBA)
Loaded Torque with 8.4v: 5.2kg·cm
Wire gauge: 0.8mm

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