Sale GP 14TPA Motor (Long)

GP 14TPA Motor (Long)

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Made in conjunction with a leading Chinese motor manufacturer, these motors have been designed to provide excellent value and performance.  14TPA are generally considered high speed motors, they run extremely fast and work best with 16:1 or 18:1 gearset for best efficiency.  

Please note, due to the slightly larger CNC end bell you may have fitment issues with some grips.  I have never come across this personally, however I have had a customer with a G&P M4 Carbine V5 who has.

I've been hearing reports of Gate Titan Adaptive Active Break function is causing motors to fail.  Please do not use this feature till you are sure it will not affect the motor.

Neodymium Magnets 42H, higher temperate rating upto 120℃ (standard is generally N42 - 80℃)
Aluminium tower with bearing
Total motor length: 89mm
SHS D-Type MIM Steel Pinion Gear
CNC machined aluminium end bell / cover
Brush size: 8.7mm(L), 3.4mm (W), 4.1mm (H)
Size: 88.4mm(L), 29.5mm(W), 25mm(H)

No load RPM with 8.4v: 30,000
No load RPM with 11.1v: 40,000
No load Current with 11.1v: 3.2A
Loaded Torque with 11.1v: (TBC)
Wire gauge: 0.9mm

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