EZO Bearings 3x8x2.5 (Pack of 6)

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Upgraded Japanese J-caged bearings.  These ones are identical in size to standard bearings but are stronger in that they use a steel ribbon cage.  They aren't indesctructable but for standard and high stress builds they are currently one of the best price / performance you can buy.

These have been tested in a full stroke M145 build and in a M165 DSG. In both they handled the stress perfectly.  In both test 1000 semi-only shots were conducted.  In the DSG test a 2 minute continuous full-auto fire was held.

Material:  Stainless Steel
Inside Diameter:  3.00mm
Outside Diameter:  8.00mm
Width:  2.50mm
Flange O.D.:  9.2mm
Flange Width:  0.6mm

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